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From prostitutes to Norse gods, will the real blondies please stand up?

18 May

Do blondes really have more fun?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the stereotypes about blondes over the years: blondes are dumb, overly sexy, promiscuous, innocent and more fun-loving. And it’s not a secret that blonde is one of the most popular colours to switch to, be it your whole head or just highlights.

But where do these stereotypes come from? As a natural blonde, I want to know!

Even just a quick search of Wikipedia gives us a little history of how blondes have been perceived in the past. Early on in the Roman Empire, blonde hair was associated with prostitutes (guess we know where that rumour started), but later became more socially desirable to the point that famous historical Romans have been described as blondes in literary records.  Many Roman gods, including Apollo, Bacchus, Diana, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Minerva and Venus were supposedly blonde as well. (Wait.. isn’t Minerva the goddess of wisdom? Why didn’t that catch on?)

By the Middle Ages, the promiscuous stereotype was back and blondes were associated with seductresses. For example, until the late 14th century, Eve was portrayed as a blonde and the Virgin Mary a brunette.

However, in Northern European folklore and fairy tales, including Norse Mythology, blondes were only attributed to good personalities. Important gods are considered to be blonde, heroes and heroines were often blonde and flaxen-haired humans portrayed in literature were seen as valuable and desirable.

And going along with the mythical – not to mention good – theme, fairies and elves are often portrayed as blonde.

These days google image the word blonde and the stereotypes range from the sweet, girl-next- door (Reese Witherspoon) to big boobed porn star!  And then there’s Paris Hilton.

So historically, the characteristics and opinions of blondes have gone from one extreme to the other and back again. As with everything in society, it seems as though the perception of blondes corresponds with how the most famous/notorious/written-about/visible/hated/loved/etc. blondes are perceived. I don’t think there will ever be definitive proof of characteristics attributed to certain hair colours, but I don’t ever think the blonde stereotypes will die out either.

What do I think about this as a blonde? Please don’t call me dumb – it’s not true. But if you want to think that I have more fun, go right ahead… maybe I do!