Cosimo, left; Remo, right.

 Remo Bot

Styling since 1984

Our resident calculating humourist, Remo tries to find humour in almost every possible scenario to keep the day full of laughter and smiles. He’s curious about almost anything, needing to know what the world has to offer and what’s happening. Remo’s best trait, however (besides being really good at what he does), is that he is a genuinely nice guy – he loves to help others and if he can make somebody happy that means he’s happy as well. He finds inspiration in any kind of transformation, be it a home renovation (he loves Home Sense) or a complete makeover of a client. The challenge of transforming people and things is what excites him, and part of that is continuing to learn and be open to new ideas that help him improve on anything he does. But the thing that Remo loves most about what he does? “Bringing people’s self-worth up and making someone’s day positive. But also watching my younger staff earn the confidence to rise in their profession and hone their talent to the point of being able to grow their careers to reach the level of stylist or master stylist.” His favourite quote? From Vidal Sassoon, “My success is watching my staff’s success become greater than mine.”

Remo’s picks:

Eufora Hydration Leave-in Conditioner and Hydrating Shampoo – This combination is my new prescription. It’s the best one-two punch I’ve ever used.

Eufora Beautifying Serum – The perfect finishing product with a zero-weight factor.

Goldwell Colorance – The best results for a demi-colour that is on the market.

Cosimo Panetta

Styling since 1980

The ‘Superman’ of Haartek when it comes to workload, Cosimo has been a business owner since 1987. He is the youngest of five children, all but one of which are hairstylists, so he’s been around the beauty industry for most of his life. He was a Hair Expert on “New Attitude” and “The New You”, a daily televised program for many years, and was also a platform artist for Goldwell. A great philanthropist as well, Cosimo has been involved in raising over $100,000 over five years for the Learning to Listen Foundation in the past. He loves to travel and golf – which is fortunate considering he also loves going to hair shows in places like Paris and Miami. The glamorous aspect of being a successful business owner and stylist aside, Cosimo’s real love of what he does comes from making people feel good about themselves and being creative with hair. Socializing with clients isn’t too shabby either, “They’ve become like family.” A fun fact about Cosimo that many don’t know? He loves to bowl and is actually part of a league. He’s also the proud father of two and is very involved in their activities. The thing that inspires Cosimo the most? “Being around other creative, positive people and watching our young talent grow to be successful hairstyling artists.”

Cosimo’s picks:

KMS Flat Out and Curl Up Creme – After using them for years and trying many others I always go back!

Eufora Beautifying Serum – Being over 70 per cent pharmaceutical grade aloe, it leaves the hair feeling fantastic and your hands as well.

Goldwell hair colour – Using it for over 30 years, it’s always progressive and reliably consistent.


Olivia Ierullo

Styling since 2006

A future certified Goldwell Master Colourist (Summer 2011), Olivia has wanted to be a hairstylist since the age of five and couldn’t be happier that she’s fulfilled her dream. An artist and a creator of many things, she enjoys sewing, organizing and everything to do with interior decorating and that creativity and attention to detail can be seen in her work at the salon. She is so dedicated to her craft, that constantly learning is what inspires her the most. She continually takes courses in new techniques in colouring, cutting, tools or products. Olivia participates in and attends hair shows and competitions and relishes working with talented people everyday. The thing she loves most about what she does? “I love being able to make people feel good about themselves and give them the best salon experience I can. I also love being in an industry that allows me the opportunity to grow and develop my skills and strive for perfection.”

Olivia’s picks:

Kevin Murphy shampoo & conditioners – Best back bar products I have ever used: natural ingredients, great lather and overall excellent performance on hair. My “all-time favourite.”

Schwarzkopf Sealed Ends Rescue Repair – Amazing leave-in conditioner for normal-dry hair types. I’ve been addicted for over three years.

Eufora Beautifying Serum – With 85 per cent pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera, this leave-in serum works wonders.

Kevin Murphy NightRider – An amazing strong hold, matte, hair paste for dry styling. It’s awesome for men’s hair and punky women’s styles.

Goldwell’s Magic Finish Spray & Glamour Whip Mousse – Part of the colour-safe Goldwell line, these products are alcohol free and smell great. They give great hold without the ‘crunch’!

Hanan Mohammed

Styling since 2011

Haartek’s “mini Iman”, Hanan hails from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and has been in Canada since 2004. Ever since she was a little girl she has been passionate about hair and makeup and was eager to pursue this passion once she settled in Canada. Although an assistant for three years, Hanan is Haartek’s next up-and-coming talented Stylist and is now on the floor where she can channel her love for making people happy into creating unique styles for clients. It’s opportunities like these that make Hanan forever grateful that Haartek’s staff and working environment have helped nurture her career. What inspires her? “Helping people find a way to get their own, distinct look. That’s really special to me.”

Hanan’s picks:

Kevin Murphy shampoos & conditioners – It has a natural scent and gives hair moisture without weighing it down.

Eufora styling products – It’s 85 per cent aloe base gives the hair shine, a silky texture and whatever style you want!

 Yuliya Eckert

Styling since 2005

Originally from the Ukraine, Yuliya is a perfectionist when it comes to hair. She’s a cutting and chemical service specialist and dedicates as much of her spare time as possible to studying her craft; she loves to go to hair shows and seminars for new ideas and to learn new techniques. Always in beautiful clothes and jewelry, Yuliya loves and is inspired by fashion and the latest trends – she is known for getting her hands on the latest issue of certain magazines first. Aside from fashion, however, Yuliya gets her inspiration from meeting so many different kinds of people at Haartek and seeing them go home happy after working with them. What does Yuliya love most about what she does? “Being inspired by my clients, definitely. That’s the best thing.”

Yuliya’s picks:

Eufora Beautifying Serum – It works on all hair types and is great for your skin as well. Plus, it’s a natural product!

Eufora Urgent Repair – A great treatment for every kind of hair or scalp problem, it has an aloe vera base and is replenishing as well.


Patrizia Odorico

Styling since 2001

Although small in stature, Patrizia is a firecracker in the salon. Energetic, fun, outgoing and creative, she loves everything about hair. Barely ever seen without heels on, Patrizia is a true fashionista and is inspired by everything from music and dancing, to colour in nature and life in general. She loves to sing and dance, and wouldn’t be out of place on a stage. What she loves most about being a stylist? “Everything happens for a reason, and I believe that I was born to do hair. Being able to express my creativity everyday with different people is a dream come true. Doing hair is not a job to me – it’s my life. Seeing a client smile after every appointment is the most satisfying feeling ever – and with that, I know that I’ve made someone’s day.”

Patrizia’s picks:

Schwarzkopf Silver Shampoo – Every blonde must have this to have the best blonde ever!

Schwarzkopf Sealed Ends Rescue Repair – 24 hour protection that controls frizz and gives you that easy comb-out.

Schwarzkopf Q10 Shampoo & Conditioner – Amazing for coloured hair! Leaves hair feeling fuller and healthier… and it smells good too.

Tangle Teaser brush – It won’t pull your hair and is small enough to fit in your purse. You never have to fight with tangles ever again – the comb-out is so easy. Everyone should have one!


 Lan Ly

Styling since 1990

Known for her natural, beautiful, wavy and sexy big hair, Lan specializes in perms, cuts and styling. Always in a good mood, she loves to laugh and hers is contagious – you can’t help but feel uplifted when you hear it. A lover of fashion, she is especially fond of creating short, funky and playful hairstyles akin to Halle Berry and Victoria Beckham, one of her style icons. Naturally social, one of Lan’s favourite things about being a stylist is being able to talk to and interact with so many different people. She compares her job to a vacation because she loves doing hair that much. What inspires Lan? “I love making people look good and feel good about themselves. Generally, making people happy. It’s the clients who inspire me.”

Lan’s picks:

Eufora products – Because of their natural ingredients, it’s healthy for your scalp and hair… but it also smells really good!

Mila Cleverley

Styling since 2001

Known for her fiery, brilliant red hair, Mila is a calming presence at the salon and is an expert at soothing her clients, be it with her disposition or a wonderful scalp or shoulder massage. From a village in the Ukraine, Mila has tried to make things around her more beautiful for as long as she can remember, starting with dolls and then moving on to friends and family. She has a true passion for colour and loves to have fun and change a person’s look with it. What does Mila love most about her job? “I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity to work in the beauty industry and can see the happy eyes of all my clients. It feels good to make someone happy and beautiful. If they look good, they feel good.”

Mila’s picks:

Eufora products – We love to treat ourselves so we feel good. Our hair needs to be treated as well as our body. Beautiful hair creates a beautiful look, and Eufora creates beautiful hair.

Carla De Francesco

Styling since 2001

Vibrant and vivacious, Carla loves socializing with everybody who comes into the salon. She prides herself on being a great listener and thoroughly enjoys hearing people’s stories, whether while doing their hair or when helping people with products. Inspired by the ever-changing world of fashion, she relishes the opportunity to always learn and then try a new style or colour technique. Her pet peeve? Carla hates when someone eats food off of her plate without asking. What she loves most about what she does? “Knowing that I keep my clients happy and make them feel good about themselves while trying new and updated things. That’s what makes me love my job.”

Carla’s picks:

Kevin Murphy products – Not only is it actually natural, but it feels natural – which is so important – so it doesn’t make the hair feel heavy at all.


Susan Wemyss

Styling since 1984

Susan grew up in Orangeville, Ontario and came to Toronto in her early 20s for hair school. An original at the Manulife Centre location, as she got her first styling position with Haute Coiffure, it just felt right and she’s been here ever since. She loves all animals, but has a soft spot for cats especially, and she loves doing most kinds of puzzles and games. When it comes to inspiration, Susan takes it from everyday life – she can’t help but see the influence in movies, television, magazines, people on the street and her colleagues. She does have a few pet peeves, though. When it comes to purses on the floor and shoes on tables (especially new shoes!), Susan cringes. The things she loves most about what she does? “Every day is different – you never know quite what to expect. Making people feel happy is a big bonus as well!”

Susan’s picks:

Eufora styling products – Because they do what they are supposed to do and they don’t build up in the hair. They also smell very pleasant but not cloying.

Kevin Murphy shampoos – They are one of the best because they cleanse the hair without stripping it of moisture or colour. They also have lovely, gentle scents that don’t offend the senses.

KMS Flat Out Anti-Humidity Spray – But you also have to love this product, especially with the hot, humid summer coming.


Giovanna Lupo

Assisting since 1995

Giovanna is one of the most vibrant women you’ll ever meet! She enjoys life to the fullest, and isn’t afraid to show it. Giovanna has been married for 52 years, has three beautiful children and three grandchildren. She loves to travel, but most of all, she loves keeping busy. The quintessential people-person, her interaction with everyone, be it her co-workers or clients, is what keeps her going. She has a wonderful sense of humour, loves to laugh and flirts with all the men! What inspires Giovanna? “Getting up everyday and knowing I have a purpose – be it washing someone’s hair or cooking dinner for my whole family and being appreciated.”

Giovanna’s picks:

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash – It’s gentle on hair, lightweight and I love how it feels.

Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity – Adds tons of volume without any stickiness!

Eufora Beautifying Serum – Adds shine and isn’t greasy.

Lynn Ortiz

Assisting since 2008

One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, Lynn brings a calming presence to the salon and offers one heck of a great scalp massage! Though from Toronto herself, her parents are from Panama and she’s happy to chat in Spanish with those who want to. A secret domestic goddess as well, Lynn loves to clean and cook and that’s reflected in her workspace – one of her biggest pet peeves is working in a messy or dirty environment – so you know that she keeps Haartek in good shape. One of her favourite things about working at the salon is that it gives her the opportunity to make people happy and feel good about themselves. What inspires Lynn? “My family inspires me in everything I do because they make me always want to strive for success.”

Lynn’s picks:

Kevin Murphy and Eufora products – They are great products that have something for every hair type. I not only use them on clients, but I absolutely love them for myself as well because they have so many natural ingredients and essential oils.


Maria Lucia C.

Aesthetician for over 18 years

One third of our dynamic aesthetics department, Maria actually started as a hair stylist before falling in love with aesthetics. Born in Guatemala City, she moved to Toronto in 1987 and after deciding that aesthetics was her true calling, Maria started her career at the Beauty Club and stayed for ten years. In 2004, she joined Haute Coiffure and never looked back, specializing in facials and hair removal. Little things you may not know about Maria include her love of dogs, especially her pet shih tzu, Silky, and spending time with her daughter. A fun fact? Scary movies are her favourite! The thing that Maria loves most about what she does? “Pleasing clients. Their satisfaction is what inspires me and I love to make them beautiful and happy!”

Maria’s picks:

Dermalogica’s Age Smart Line – This is my favourite line from Dermalogica, which is an overall fantastic skin care brand. The Age Smart products are more powerful and leaves your face glowing, revitalizing aging skin. I particularly recommend the Multi-vitamin Thermofoliant.

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  1. empressofenglish June 16, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    I think this is a great blog- has lots of tips that the average person forgets after hearing it from a stylist- so it’s great to have a place to go to as a reminder. Definitely interesting to read.

    Whoever came up with this idea for a blog should be handsomely rewarded!

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