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A manicure not even I can ruin…

26 Oct

Do you go to your favourite salon or spa and pamper yourself with a fabulous manicure only to almost immediately muck up your polish fumbling for your keys because you just can’t wait long enough for it to dry completely? Or do you paint your nails at home and wake up with sheet prints instead of a glossy finish? Do you wear away your polish quickly typing everyday at work? Isn’t it infinitely frustrating?

A perfect manicure really finishes an outfit. From french tips to almost black, impeccable, shiny nails are a must-have accessory.

The problem is, on the other hand (literally), a chipped manicure is the worst. It will detract from even the most glamorous outfits and hair. (Just ask Cosimo… his biggest pet peeve is chipped nails!)

However, ladies (and those gentlemen who are fans of the polish), there is an alternative to finicky nails. CND Shellac promises an ultra-glossy, mirror-like finish that lasts for 14 days. The best part? It’s dry the minute you finish your manicure.

Shellac combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. It’s as thin as regular nail polish, hypo-allergenic and contains no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. And the application is easy peasy! The system includes the same steps as any professional manicure: a base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat. The only difference is that each coat needs to be cured in a UV lamp (ten seconds for the base coat and two minutes for each colour and top coat). And removal is just as simple. The shellac soaks off in acetone in just ten minutes without causing any damage to your nails.

Not only does it remain flawless and shiny for two weeks, it actually helps to protect and strengthen natural nails. It comes in 30 colours at the moment, but by layering colours you can create new shades and effects. For example, if you layer their black colour with purple on top it creates a much darker purple.

I’ve had shellac done twice and have been thrilled by the results. I am the queen of chipped nails, and this has been the solution for long-lasting, great looking manicures. And I definitely recommend it for special occasions like trips, weddings and holidays – you won’t have any last-minute chips!

Sound too good to be true? CND Shellac was voted Nails Magazine’s Best New Product of 2010 and has been praised in Flare, The Oprah Magazine, InStyle and Glamour amongst others. But don’t take our world for it… I dare you to try it for yourself. I guarantee you’ll be hooked!

The only time of year when a bow made of hair is okay…

20 Oct

We’ve talked before about iconic hairstyles and how they can define a personality. The hairstyles are almost always universally recognized, or if not, at least recognized by all of those who follow pop culture.

Halloween is one of the best times to think about iconic hair. When planning your costume do you start with the clothes? Do you ever think about how your hair could make or break the costume?

Think about it. There are certain hairstyles that will define you as a certain character or celebrity regardless of what you cover your body with. You could be wearing an astronaut suit but if you have a tall, curly blue wig on, you’ll still be Marge Simpson… just as an astronaut, right?

Here are some of our favourite ideas for Halloween costumes that are all about the hair… I guarantee you’ll recognize most, if not all, of these memorable styles.

And please keep in mind the reason they make such great costumes is that you really should never have this kind of hair on a day-to-day basis… Snooki, I’m looking at you.

Happy costume planning!

Hair horror stories: It’s okay… you can laugh.

12 Oct

Only the truly lucky people in the world are without an embarrassing hair story. For us mortals, whether it was when you were a child, teenager, in university or in your golden years, there will always be that standout memory of hair that you’d rather forget… but never will… nor will anyone who’s seen the proof let you.

But however horrific the hair was at the time, we can’t really deny the hilarity of the whole ordeal. And, of course, hair stories are our favourite stories, so we can’t complain too much.

Here are a few gems floating around Haartek that might make you giggle… not to mention make you feel better about your own hair nightmares!

Susan’s story:

When she was younger, Susan had beautiful Farah Fawcett hair but decided to go short and sassy. She drastically cut off ten inches of her flowing locks – but nobody noticed! Eventually she got so peeved that she asked her friend who replied, “Oh. I guess we didn’t notice because it just looks so good on you.” Susan was not impressed.

Debra’s story:

Debra was in grade nine and days away from going on a trip to England when she decided to get a body perm. Unfortunately, the results were disastrous: it turned into an afro mullet! She had to get her friend to cut the mullet, but she was still stuck with big, frizzy hair and thought she was going to die of embarrassment… until a shop girl overseas told her that she loved her hair. Then Debra stopped worrying. Her friends still thought it was horrible, though.

Tanya’s story:

Although Tanya has been lucky enough to never have a hair nightmare of her own, she caused a few when she was younger. Having black hair herself, she used to be really jealous of her friends with blonde hair. So when they weren’t looking she found the yuckiest of the smelly markers (think black licorice and orange that resembled Pine Sol) and coloured her friends’ hair. Yes, it stained.

A Haartek client’s story:

When she was five years old, her father shaved her entire head at the advice of her grandmother. Apparently, this trick was to make her hair grow in thicker. Unfortunately, it never did. And her brothers made fun of her the entire time it was growing back.

Carla’s story:

Carla decided to get her first perm in grade eight. Her aunt was a stylist and offered to do it for her. Carla’s problem? Her style at the time was a chin-length bob and her aunt mainly did hair for old ladies. The result? Carla walked around with giant poodle hair, but she still thought she was so cool. At least that’s something!

My story:

It was the summer before grade seven for me when the craze was to dye your hair with Kool-Aid. At the cottage, my friend and I got her mom to do it for us. I was determined to have the brightest hair, so I did one side of my hair pink and one side purple. Having blonde hair, however, the Kool-Aid stained and never came out. Not only did I have to cut all my hair off when I went back to school but I was also followed by bees for a long time.

And here’s the pièce de résistance, Remo’s story:

Although not about his own hair, this is the story of Remo’s first experience with colouring somebody’s hair on his own. In his first month of hairdressing school, his best friend’s mother insisted that he colour her hair with her Wella “black cherry” dye. On her, it was the “in” colour – dark with burgundy tones. There was always a bit leftover and she insisted on keeping it for the next time. They soon realized the colour shouldn’t be re-used as it oxidizes. However,  her husband asked Remo to use it on his almost all white, balding hair. Remo agreed to give it a go and the outcome was a flaming eggplant shade. He couldn’t leave his house for days until Remo had the time and materials to fix it. Ouch.

 So there you go, kiddies. Isn’t it nice knowing that almost everybody has an embarrassing hair story to tell? And that some of us are nice enough to post them online?

If you’re feeling charitable, do share your hair horror stories with us… it might brighten the day of someone who’s just had their aunt give them a purple afro by accident.