Yes, I have braids in my hair. No, I don’t yodel.

27 May

If you haven’t heard by now that braids are really hot this spring/summer you may just be living under a rock. No matter where you turn, or what magazine you flip through, countless styles of braids are being sported by celebrities, models, fashionistas and hipsters alike.

Some are of the opinion that braids should be reserved for school girls and milkmaids only – they have no place in a mature, stylish woman’s life. I whole heartedly disagree. Sure, if overdone, braids can look childish or like you should be off yodeling in the alps, but if done right, they can add that playful yet sophisticated touch to a summery ‘do!

“This is a must-do trend for simple, summer styling,” says Associate Stylist Sandra. “And the messier the better… There is no wrong way to braid!”

Here are some of my favourite braids that you can try this summer, be it an updo for a special occasion or just a day in the sun. I think any doubters will be silenced.

What do you think of the summer braid trend? Is it something you would or have already tried?

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